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Customers are often surprised with the variety of items available in such a compact store. Many of the items stocked are chosen because of their appeal to those living in Lynchburg. Purchase nails, screws and many other items in quantities suited to your needs. Want three screws or a half pound of grass seed? -- We have it. Need supplies in a hurry? -- visit Chestnut Hill Hardware, your neighborhood store.

  • Emergency Supplies: Heaters, Oil Lamps, Ice Melt, Emergency Kits

  • Leisure: Horse Shoe Set, Sleds, Wagons, Ice Cream Maker

  • Yard & Garden: Seed, Fertilizers, Tools, Yard Furniture, Bird Attractions

  • Safety: Cones, Construction Flags, Cables & Ropes, Gloves, Fire Extinguishers

  • Home Maker: Turkey Roaster, Granite Ware, Pressure Cookers, Canning Supplies, Carpet Cleaners

Chestnut Hill Hardware maintains a generous supply of small electrical & plumbing parts including a number of hard to find items for homes built prior to current code practices (i.e. Fuses). We also have cones, flags, and a variety of coatings for larger jobs.

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Slogger garden shoes are a Favorite. Mail in your worn out sloggers for a discount and free shipping on a new pair. The Manufacturer recycles old sloggers to "Made in the USA" new. Get Rewards, Reduce Pollution, See Latest & Greatest, then get Details at the Slogger Site.

The Real Deal Brazil Story!
The Real Deal Brazil Hats!
Many unique styles of Real Deal Brazil Hats!
The Real Deal Brazil Hats and Bags!
The Real Deal Brazil hats and bags are each unique and handcrafted in Brazil with recycled tarps! Come see us today to learn the Read Deal Brazil story and pick out a hat or bag from our wide selection!
The Real Deal Brazil Bags
We have several styles of Real Deal Brazil Bags!
All the nuts and bolts you need!
Get whatever quantities you need to complete the job!
Get 1 or Get 40!
Get whatever quantities you need to complete the job!
Safety First!
Cooking and Canning Supplies
Canning Supplies
Canning Supplies
You'll be glad you canned this winter!
Keep the weeds away!
We have your lawn and garden needs! We even offer grass seed by the pound!
Staining, Coating and Painting
Supplies for all your staining, coating and painting needs including brushes!
Stop rust before it starts!
Stop rust before it starts!
Restore and Finish!
Give that old furniture a fresh look!
You can't survive without water and you plants can't either!
Custom Screens!
Keep the bugs OFF!
Big or small, we have right tool!
We have the right tool for every project!
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The Real Deal Brazil Bags

We have several styles of Real Deal Brazil Bags!